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Morocco: sharing the birds – a Sound Approach guide

The new Sound Approach title ‘Morocco: sharing the birds’ is to launch on 1 July 2020 and is now available for pre-order.

Morocco: sharing the birds – A Sound Approach guide to birds of the Maghreb
By: Arnoud B van den Berg & The Sound Approach
ISBN: 978-90-810933-9-2
NUR-code: 435
Published by: The Sound Approach, Enefco House, 19 The Quay, Poole, Dorset BH15 1HJ, England ©2020

Front cover of ‘Morocco: sharing the birds’ by Arnoud B van den Berg & The Sound Approach

This new Sound Approach title is simply bursting with sounds of birds in the Maghreb area.

  • Detailed bird sound explanations of all larks, wheatears, sandgrouse and nightjars
  • Recordings illustrated with photographs of the very birds, plus Killian Mullarney’s plates of the African Dunn’s Lark and Seebohm’s Wheatear
  • Stories of species quietly slipping into extinction in our lifetime, including Slender-billed Curlew, Northern Bald Ibis, Houbara Bustard and Andalusian Buttonquail
  • New sound identification criteria for Maghreb species such as cisticolas, scrub warblers and chaffinches.
  • Sounds of stunning birds such as Black-crowned Tchagra, Cricket Warbler and Desert Sparrow.

In the hardcover book of 314 pages, you’ll find 321 sound recordings, 100 sonagrams, two colour plates by Killian Mullarney (for Seebohm’s Wheatears and Dunn’s Larks) and 161 colour photographs. All presented and remembered through personal stories and explanations about the bird sounds in the Maghreb region. The title of the book refers to The Sound Approach sharing sounds and experiences with birders visiting or resident in Morocco and neighbouring countries. But there’s also a more romantic notion to ‘sharing the birds’ since Morocco has such an important role as a temporary home for a great many migrant and wintering birds from western Europe. It means that many bird species of Morocco and Europe are interconnected. Indeed, huge numbers of European migrants spend months in Morocco, and they may be quite familiar with the sounds of local breeders of deserts, high mountains or argan, cedar and oak woods.

Covers and a look inside at some samples pages.

Sound recordings and ‘Maghreb key species’ booklet

You can listen to the sounds of the book on the accompanying 16 GB USB either in high quality files for listening with headphones, or in smaller sized files for use on mobile devices.

In addition to the sounds presented in the book, the USB has 573 recordings of 141 ‘Maghreb key species’, with a text-only PDF for captions.

These complete the sound overview of important species of the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia). Like the book, these are available in high quality files for listening with headphones, and in smaller sized files for mobile devices.

On top of that, the USB also contains ePUB3-booklets with the 573 ‘Maghreb key species’ sounds. These can be uploaded to your phone and have interactive play buttons for direct access to the sounds and captions detailing the recording and a photo. They can be read and listened to with an interactive ePUB3 reader like iBooks (Apple iOS) or Lithium (Android). All for easy learning and enjoying the sounds of the region’s most special species (see the demonstration of the ePUB App in the video below).

Marvellous to have on your smartphone!

The USB and ‘Maghreb key species’ booklet accompanying the book.

Promotional pre-order discount

The book can be pre-ordered from 1 June 2020 through the Sound Approach: www.soundapproach.co.uk

There is a promotional pre-order discount:

  • Standard price: £54.95
  • Pre-order price: £49.95

Wholesalers and book stores please contact sales@soundapproach.co.uk for wholesale requests.

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